Thomas J. Dunkerton | Wading Birds
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The most common group of birds you'll encounter in Florida are the wading birds. Long legs allow them to forage in an expansive range of habitats both natural and man made. From roadside ditches, retention ponds and impoundments to marshes, lakes, rivers, beaches and swamps.
The common denominator of all those places is obviously water but some wading birds will also frequent pastures, sod farms and even your front lawn in search of food.
White Ibis in the SurfThe Chase is OnGreat Egret LandingReddish EgretsReddish EgretsSnowy Egret in FlightFour for the Price of TwoYoung SpoonbillAdult Spoonbill in FlightRoseate Spoonbill 3Egret Head PlungeReddish Egret Shadow StanceSnowy GlideSandhill CraneReddish Egret with a MorselReddish Egret in PursuitRoseate Spoonbill Flippin' a FishJuvenile Roseate SpoonbillSnowy Egret DipSnowy Egret

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