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Shorebirds, beautiful Shorebirds. When I first began birding shorebirds were "feared" by beginning birders it seemed. Of course, some of the more advanced birders even seemed to embrace that as a false sense of accomplishment.
While there is no substitute for experience, there are more eyes and ears available for public information these days so that no interest in shorebirds should be met with fear! ;-)

Field guides are now so much more precise with field characteristics and behaviors and the dizzying array of images so much more readily available that any thirst for shorebird knowledge shall never again be unquenchable!

Wow, talk about drama! Enjoy my images! LOL
Dunlin wadingPurple SandpiperAmerican AvocetsSanderlings in the SurfWillet in the SurfLong-billed DowitchersAmerican Avocets FeedingStilt SandpiperStilt Sandpiper PosingGreater YellowlegsDunlin FeedingLesser, Greater, Lesser, Greater YellowlegsStilt Sandpiper and WilletLong-billed Flock FLigtAvocet and Duck ShowdownMarbled GodwitLong-billed CurlewLong-billed Curlew 2American OystercatchersBlack-necked Stilt Dispute

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