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Between all the ducks, rails, terns and otehrs that are directly related to water habitats, I thought I'd minimize how many different categories I make for this site.
Please forgive me lumping them all together. At some point I'm sure I'll separate them if numbers of specific species start to pile up.
Horned GrebeNorthern PintailClapper RailBlack SkimmerAmerican White PelicansAmerican White PelicansWhooper SwanClapper RailClapper Rail 3Clapper Rail 4Black-bellied Whistling DuckBlue-winged TealLesser ScaupBlack-bellied Whistling Duck FamilyMottled Duck Take OffLong-tailed DuckBlack Skimmer SkimmingForster's TernLesser Black-backed GullBlack Skimmer 2

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